The Garden – Snail Vore


Product Description

A Forest Nymph is overcome with her irresistible lustful attraction to the soft warm slimy bodies of the giant sails of the garden. She becomes intoxicated when she comes into contact with them.

She has finally has come this far to find out what the experience too actually crossing over and allow herself to be penetrated by the snails large love dart.
She has watched them, she has seen how they procreate for hours, they are hermaphrodites, being both male and female take turns satisfying each other.

She is nervous in anticipation as the large beast slowly climes onto her back with warm slippery secretions that act as an aphrodisiac.
Now finally, the snail is ready! She is ready! It thrusts its dart into her…She slips into darkness…

Little did she know that the snails love dart has a fast acting poison that renders her temporally unconscious allowing the snail to take the opportunity to have the nymph as a tasty snack without any struggle.

The Love dart is for procreating with other snails and hunting unsuspecting forest nymphs.

Meanwhile all of the other snails have been watching the scene play out becoming excited themselves, everybody want’s some! but he is bigger than them, but not the biggest.
A huge alpha arrives to snatch the nymph away for himself. The forest nymph awakens to witness her own voration. She try to give a fight but is too weak, she is slowly slurped into large snails belly.