Adam and Eve – The End


Product Description

What would happen to Adam and Eve if they ate the wrong fruit, from the wrong tree, at the wrong time? The vore answer lies in this video.

The first man and woman, Adam and Eve had the privilege of getting everything they ever wanted in the beautiful garden of Eden but for one exception. They mustn’t eat from the tree of lust guarded by the devil snake.

Led by their emotions, Adam and Eve plucked an apple from the forbidden tree and ate greedily.

Watch as they face the consequence of their disobedience. When the devil snake gave them a satisfying vore end to their love story. By swallowing the popular duo together as one healthy diet wiping humanity out of existence.


– Full 1080p HD video giving you a non-pixelated 3D finish you can enjoy.

– Suspenseful soundtrack and sound FX to completely absorb you into that vore fantasy.

– Naked versions only with explicit details.