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Vore Out: Deathclaw

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Voreout: Deathclaw - Do you remember Deathclaw from the Fallout 4 ?  AS you may know in Fallout 4: No creature represents the danger of the Wasteland as much as the...


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Voreout: Deathclaw - Do you remember Deathclaw from the Fallout 4 ?  AS you may know in Fallout 4: No creature represents the danger of the Wasteland as much as the Deathclaw, which uses razor-sharp claws to rip apart its prey... in seconds.

So we decided to make a short film including stomping and soft vore which can be found only in  We have implemented new camera angles and effects. Which you will enjoy a lot while watching it.

- Full HD

-HQ sounded 

- 2 minutes long

- VFX ready

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Customer Reviews

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Vore Out: Deathclaw Crushes Man and Woman

Rushed work :(

I used to love your animation, especially the one with the t-rex and the 2 girls! ( Back then I could feel it like it was real somehow, thanks to the details and attention brought to the movement, making them believable. Each time I purchase something on this site I hope rediscovering something like this but each time it feels so fake and unattractive... :/
It's been a while since I purchased something really worth... But I don't lose hope :)

Hello sir, Thanks for your review. Jurrassic Town 4 is a classic and very old animation one. I know sometimes we can miss some parts of real part. We can say that alot of work put in Deathclaw... Even Camera Movements are done by another artist. We do consider and we will make it better in our next animation. Thanks for your review.
Nice angles and view

Nice length of video. good lighting and sound. 3d figures looked nice great vore scene. If I could add anything, I wish the Deathclaw played with his swollen belly a bit more, like he would tease the victim still alive inside by rubbing and pressing it with pokes and prods, making all kind or noisy groaning and gurgle sounds. That would be neat

Thank you for your review. In our next animation we will try to add your recommendations. We are really happy that you like it. :) :