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All in One Vore Bundle Pack (SAVE $98)

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All Vore Animations Package includes 16 Vore Animations.     Forth Meal After Sleep  Hellgator 2 - Dungeon Snack  HellGator – Missing Schoolgirl  Jurrasic Town 5 Cheering Up to Meal  Not Enough...

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Tigra Watanabe T.W. Tigra W.
Better as Package

The Package is the best Way to get the animations, when you are new here, because it save you much Money.
The Package looks like it could need an Update, because it say "All in One Vore Bundle Pack", but it hasn't all Animations in it.
I miss the "Bullfrog Dinner", "Monster Eats Another Girl", the Jurrassic Town Series and "Tendered Mouse - Furry".
Merciless Kombat is maybe to new, but when you call it "All in One", it should be every Clip avaiable at the Time of the Purchase.
Hope you offer an Discount on the Package, for the People who have buy this Package, when you add the other Videos.

To the Videos.
They are mostly nice made.
Some Things could be improved, like the Speed.
An Vore Animation is much better, when it need some Time.
A Example for "to fast" are "Reign Of Dragons" with 6 Seconds Voretime and a Example for a "good Speed" is "Hippo swallowed a native Woman" with 56 Seconds Voretime.
The "Meal After Sleep" Series is nice but just the soft Vore Clips.
"Jurrasic Town 5 Cheering Up to Meal", "Hotel 4 - Anaconda eats Captured Girl" and "Into the Amazon by Ryan C" are missing in the Package.
"Nothing Left Behind" look a bit weird, because the Snake is sliding like a Log on Ice.

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