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Trample At Autumn


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All the T.Rex fans like me should watched all the Jurassic Park series more then one. One of the best scene was the one at Lost World, when the Rex are pursuing all the mercenaries until the waterfall at night. One of the mercenaries fall and Rex step on him like a bug and continued, just the mercenary stuck to his foot for some steps with making him more flat with each one. This was always one of the best movie scenes for all gore and stomping fans..

To mimic that scenario, with the idea of TRex Foot Girl from youtube, i created this animation. It started as a fast, short animation project but i liked the idea and created a long, good trample ride. You can watch the low quality and Lost World sounded version at our youtube channel. The difference is this ultimate version is rendered full HD, sounded by our pro-sound editor and effected very specially. All the screams, blood spoiling and heavy stomps will make you watch it non-stop!

This animation is free with Merciless Combat 7 - Test Your Might, so don't miss to have best T.Rex stomping/gore animations together! 


 - Many steps with poor guy stuck to rex foot,

 - Blood spoiling and cries in the air at every step!

 - Full HD, pro sounded, great special effects!

 - Free with Merciless Combat 7 - Test Your Might

Thank you!

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