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    Titanaboa 4 - Dream of the Tree Serpent

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    The young voluptuous mountain girl dreams of walking alone high in the mountains. She is carefully watching each step not suspecting anything from above. suddenly there is a sound or just a feeling grabs her attention, she looks up over her shoulder and sees a huge black shadow stretching down from the branches of the tree, it winds down around behind her.

    She is confronted by the giant black serpent, the Titanoboa, the god of the mountain.  It strikes! coils its huge body around her, pulling her up into the air for a gentle crush, she is almost in Ecstasy.
    She must succumb the the monster, it has chosen her. Then, after the giant serpent 'God' has had its way with her she is taken as prey, a welcome meal, slowly and gently eaten alive without mercy.

    Customer Reviews

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    Wolf deer
    Very hot 😍.

    This video was so good. The snake was magnificent. The animation of the girl being swallowed was so seamless. The sounds of the snake's stomach just sucked me into the whole experience.

    Just a few things added would have made this video even more perfect. It would have been hot if her loincloth had fallen off prior to being devoured. Also, hearing some muffled moans and screams from the girl as she's sliding down it's throat would have been so amazing.

    Otherwise, great video.


    Amazing as always, Well Done Sugoi

    Almost a 5 star, so close

    I actually really enjoyed this video. Almost as much as I loved the last titan boa. Coiling around the prey, slowly swallowing her, I like that she gave som resistance and seemed to be trying to push the snakes head away. Loved seeing the snake drool as her body slowly disappeared. Everything was great! I loved it! Theres literally only one thing I would change, and its not even a change. It's an add in. When the girl is already head first in the snake, it wpuldve been amazing to hear a few more muffled screams or moaning as she is taken in. That really wouldve knocked my sock off, ya know? I definitely look forward tonyou next vid.

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