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Merciless Kombat Fatality Series 7 -Test Your Might - Stomping Fatality


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The first animation with the new T.Rex model is here finally! With his ultra 8K quality textures, you will see the most detailed T.Rex ever done!

This animation is starting with a bite/throw attack to KO our ninja girl. Then our Rex puts his mighty paw over the girl and let her struggle as much as she can. Slowly pressing down and finally he is squishing her like a tomato. After some ground wiping, her flat body stuck to his foot and after some shacking, she drop down like a thin paper.

The longest stomping animation i ever do as one minute long. You can watch her struggling and his great hint paw from different angles. Sound done by our pro editor again and special effect done by me and my friend for best result.

And... you will get the Trample at Autumn animation for free with this animation. Another great trample animation with stomping on the poor guy again and again, Jurassic Park Lost World style, if you remember.

 - Slow and painful stomping! 

 - Great start with bite and throw attack!

 - Full HD, pro sounded, great special effects!

 - Trample at Autumn animation for free!

Do you want to see girl get pressed slowly? Don't wait much more and see the quality raised again!

Thank you!

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