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Merciless Kombat Fatality Series 6 - Final Cut


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Our T.Rex fights against a ninja girl, a green one, like Jade from earlier Mortal Kombat Series. After she gets beaten by T.Rex, you will watch him walking to her slowly. T.Rex make a finel bite to our lovely Jade. You can see what will happen next at Screen Shots here!

This animation is one more step to extreme quality. As Drages, I try to create the ultimate vore animation for you and myself at every next one. Including visual quality now we worked someone who is a real sound editor and vore fan. Thanks to him, all the sounding now is Hollywood style, both musics, and effects. With his help, we created even "Vorality" as a new "-LITY" at MK concept.

This is first serious hardvore animation with all blood effects and such. A short one with Lui Kang's old dragon fatality style. 

Satisfaction guaranteed on this one. Enjoy.
– MK-Game Concept
– HD Quality full 1080P
– Professional Sound Fx
– Excellent Effects
– Nude Version included

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