Merciless Nature

King`s Territory

lion eat woman

Merciless Nature

King`s Territory

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This isn't your typical lion eat woman video. This is a more appealing visual representation of apex predators that can't coexist within a king's territory.

A daring cheetah tries to steal food from the king's territory of the jungle but was caught in the act. Just as he was about climbing a tree to escape, the lion takes a huge chunk of the cheetah's bum and begins to swallow him effortlessly.

One gulp at a time, the cheetah slowly disappears into the belly of the King while his bones crack under pressure of the lion's mouth. Watch the lion mercilessly chew the head of the cheetah before eventually gobbling the whole body like a super snack.


- Full 1080p HD video giving you a non-pixelated 3D finish you can enjoy

- Soundtrack of birds singing to nature's delight and sound fx so you feel the beautiful & peaceful elements of nature.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review
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