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All in One Merciless Kombat Fatality Bundle Pack (SAVE $28)

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T.Rex, a girl, a beat up fighting game to death.. what can you want more?

Do you like dinosaurs, especially T.Rex? Do you like him chasing humans, girls? Do you want to watch him as he catches those girls and kill them brutally? Do the Hollywood movies and games make you crazy with off-scene violence? Do you want to see this with the most realistic quality with all the perfect sound and special effects?

I wanted those for years, from the first day i opened my 3D animation program, and now i am proudly standing and writing these words here. With your support i made this dream come true, more then i imagine.

Now to share those with you we created this ultimate bundle with great sale!

Merciless Kombat Fatality Series Bundle is ready with ultimate 7 animations and their naked versions/gifts.  

- 7 Ultra Quality Animation...

- Most of them got naked versions with different angles...

- Full HD rendered!

- Blood, gore, atmosphere, every kind of special effects!

- Sounded by pro sound editor with unique sounds!

- All downloadable content, forever yours!

Thank you!

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