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Albino 3 - Dinner in Bed

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Albino 3 - Dinner in Bed

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After a long, long day it is time for a tasty dinner.

Enjoy the incredible view and contours of an ebony woman with the body of a goddess as she lays in bed exhausted right before the monster snake visits her for a scrumptious meal.

Albert, the human-eating albino snake is on the loose again. As she approaches the bed of a beautiful ebony woman who lays quiet in relaxation. Alberta crawls on the bed and twirls around the ebony caressing her body with its reptilian skin in pure delight while she screams for help.

With timing right on the mark, the albino monster snake begins to swallow ebony slowly. And enjoying every single gulp of fleshy tasty feeling derived from the body of a goddess.

Finally swallowed whole, Alberta lays on the bed to digest her tasty dinner in this delicious adventure.

- Full 1080p HD video giving you a non-pixelated 3D finish you can enjoy

- Suspenseful soundtrack and sound FX to completely absorb you into that vore fantasy

- Clothed and Naked versions available for your preference


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