Vorality Bundle


Product Description

Are you an extreme fan of the seasoned game Mortal Kombat? So you would love to see a T-Rex dinosaur chase, torture, and eat little girls with the series of fatality and vorality prohibited moves in HD.

Here’s the chance you’ve been waiting to own and watch eleven (11) realistic 3D animations. Therefore, these are the concentrated vore, animalistic violence, and video portrayal of fragile-looking girls eaten, crushed, or swallowed alive brutally.

This is the ideal bundle offer at a 45% off discounted rate to take pleasure from and get off on your characteristic vore urges.


– Full 1080p HD video giving you a non-pixelated 3D finish you can enjoy

– Suspenseful soundtrack and sound fx to completely absorb you into that vore fantasy

– Clothed and Naked versions alike available for your preference