Titanaboa 6 – Dream of The Great Mother


Product Description

Dream of the Great Mother Titanoboa, part 6

Safety perched in an ancient tree high above the Jungle floor the Jungle girl sleeps, dreaming…
She dreams of the snakes, she dreams of the great mother of the titanoboa. It begins as she is wondering deep in the Forrest, searching…
To her surprise she is surrounded by several young snakes. young, but large enough to devour her. Strange, they seem to not have any interest in her.
She stands there watching as they disappear back into the jungle. As she stands there she doesn’t notice the great mother has arrived, silently slithered up behind her.
She has some feeling like an ominous omen, she turns to look discovering the giant beast is there, face to face.
Trapped! mesmerized by shear size of the monster, intoxicated by the beauty of its black scaly surface and hypnotized by the its black starring eyes.