MK5 – Deadly Roar


Product Description

Our T.Rex fights against a ninja girl, a green one, like Jade from earlier Mortal Kombat Series. After she gets beaten by T-Rex, you will watch him walking to her slowly. She will try to run, but it will be too late. This time T.Rex shows his deadly Roar… You can see what will happen next at Screen Shots here!

This animation is one more step to extreme quality. As Dragees, I try to create the ultimate vore animation for you and myself at every next one. Including visual quality now we worked someone who is a real sound editor and vore fan. Thanks to him, all the sounding now is Hollywood style, both pieces of music and effects. With his help, we created even “Vorality” as a new “-LITY” at MK concept.

I try to add everything about vore as much as I can. As a result, with a clean open vore scene, you will see the neck bulges, stomach bulges, and some kicking too with all the sound effects.

As many of you saw at earlier MK series animations, this one is maybe the best of all the series.

Satisfaction guaranteed on this one. Enjoy T.Rex fights.
– MK-Game Concept
– HD Quality full 1080P
– Professional Sound Fx
– Excellent Effects
– Nude Version included