MK2-Step On Stomping


Product Description

Enjoy our deadly T-REX Fatality 🙂 Sorry to poor girl…

Welcome to the Game of Merciless Mortal Kombat!

Do you remember the game of Mortal Kombat? We were a fan of that epic game. And after a short talk, we decided to use a new concept in our animations. Which is Called Merciless Kombat Fatality Series? This Product is Free. Enjoy our deadly T-REX Fatality 🙂 Sorry to a poor girl

In this video, the dinosaur finishes his prey slowly. You can see how vore in real animation.

MK-Game Concept

  • Full 1080p HD video giving you a non-pixelated 3D finish you can enjoy
  • Awesome Effects
  • Suspenseful soundtrack and sound fx to completely absorb you into that vore fantasy