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    Dream of Titanoboa 1 - Epic Snake Vore

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    Safely perched in an ancient tree high above the Jungle floor the Jungle girl sleeps, dreaming...

    It is a nightmare about to begin.

    She has been discovered by the prehistoric Titanoboa, a 40-foot monster snake. Silently the Titanoboa surrounds the voluptuous Jungle girl, still sleeping, ready for the feast.

    Suddenly She is awakened at the very last moment ready to be eaten whole...and alive, the nightmare begins.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Wolf Deer
    So hot.

    The animation and sound effects were great. The bulge after the girl was swallowed was amazing. The only thing I think would have made the video better was having the snake swallow the girl more slowly. It felt like it was over a bit to quickly. Other than that, the video was very hot.

    4 stars

    Loved this work. Only issue is that the snake shouldnt swallow her so fast. Once her head is swallowed, the snake should slow down a bit swallowing her body. More enjoyable that way. Loved it either way.


    Love it

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