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MK4-Not Fast Enough

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Not Fast Enough - Vore Fatality Now our T.Rex fights against a ninja girl, a green one, like Jade from earlier Mortal Kombat Series. After she gets beaten by T.Rex,...


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Not Fast Enough - Vore Fatality

Now our T.Rex fights against a ninja girl, a green one, like Jade from earlier Mortal Kombat Series. After she gets beaten by T.Rex, you will watch him walking to her slowly. She will try to run, but it will be too late. You can see what will happen next at Screen Shots here!

This animation is one more step to extreme quality. As Drages, I try to create the ultimate vore animation for you and myself at every next one. Including visual quality now we worked someone who is a real sound editor and vore fan. Thanks to him, all the sounding now is Hollywood style, both musics, and effects. With his help, we created even "Vorality" as a new "-LITY" at MK concept.

I try to add everything about vore as much as I can. As a result, with a clean open vore scene, you will see the neck bulges, stomach bulges and some kicking too with all the sound effects.

Satisfaction guaranteed on this one. Enjoy.
– MK-Game Concept
– HD Quality full 1080P
– Professional Sound Fx
– Excellent Effects
– Nude Version included

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Better give my reason

Apart from the price at $14 for what is literally 15 seconds of vore, there was a lack of emotion shown by the prey, even when she was in the maw of the rex she didn't struggle to get out, just sat there till it began to swallow her, and then she struggled but it was over, Jurassic town showed the girl clawing at the rex and struggling to escape before slowy going down and that was free, this was a waste of money

Great dino vore

I thought this one was good, I think the rendering on the models was done beautifully.

We are happy to know that you are happy with your purchase. Thanks.
Good video, camera angle not so good

This one had the potential to be really good, but the change in camera angle as the swallow happens is very distracting.

We are happy to hear that you are happy with your purchase. We are working on new camera angles. Another artist is just dealing with the camera angles. Thanks.