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Man-eating elephant reported in India

After a rogue elephant killed 17 people in India, locals knew it had to be stopped. Once the animal was killed, DNA tests on the contents of its stomach revealed something even more terrifying: the elephant had consumed human flesh. According to zoologist Dave Salmoni, humans are to blame for the herbivore’s shocking behavior. In this clip from his new TV show, he claims this particular man-eating elephant lashed out in an act of revenge after her calf was killed. Elephants have recently witnessed their homes destroyed to make room for crop fields. Raids have forced elephant herds to split up, and the animals can grow exhausted and increasingly stressed and in turn, aggressive. Elephants aren’t the only ones reacting...

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Monster Vore Scenes in The Abomination (1986)

The Abomination (1986)  An old woman coughs up what she believes to be a tumor. While asleep, the thing crawls inside of her son and reproduces inside him, then causes him to go on a killing spree to feed it. Director: Bret McCormick (as Max Raven) Writer: Bret McCormick (screenplay) (as Bando Glutz) Stars: Scott Davis, Jude Johnson, Blue Thompson |See full cast & crew

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Another New T.Rex Model Already?

Yeah true! The model at Fatality series were a special design taken directly first Jurassic Park movie. Now with your support, i am getting another T.Rex model, with much more violent and bulky design and great mouth/feet for any vore and crush animations. Our quality will rise with your support. Thank you!

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